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About us

About us

Designcircle’s (dc) goal is to help stimulate growth in the African economy. We achieve this by building professional and lasting brand identities, websites, mobile apps and logo's for Start-up, Micro and Small businesses. We can help you shape your dream or grow your business, digitally. Contact us now on 079 503 8836 and let's get you started!

How we do it

Through years of experience we know that if your customers don’t find value when interacting with your business, loyalty and perceived professionalism goes out the window! We achieve the balance between professionalism and value for investment through:

    - Understanding your challenges.
    - Analysing your data.
    - Catering a solution for whom it's for.
    - Identifying steps to solve it.
    - Testing and measuring solutions.

about us

Our work

our work

Road Warrior app

Logo, Copy writing, Ui/UX design, Appstore assets
our work

PlaneCrazy Game

Website, Logo, Social media, Branding, Analytics, Mobile app
our work

Old Austria Restaurant

Website, Logo, Social media, COVID-19 communication, Analytics
our work


Website, Logo, Social media, Branding, Analytics
our work

The Storage Vaults

Brochure, Flyer, Poster
our work


Website and Portal
our work

Fresh Juice

Brochure, Flyer, Poster
our work

Footprint Landscapes

Website, Logo, Social media, Branding, Analytics
our work


Web design and development, Social media, Analytics


Through our services and years of design experience, we’ll either help you grow your business or we’ll help you shape your dream, digitally.

Web Design

- Responsive web design
- Web development
- Data analytics

Identity Development

- Logo design, Branding
- Corporate identity design
- Company profile design

Social Media

- Strategy
- Setup
- Analytics

User Experience Design

- User interface design
- Visual design
- Copy writing

Graphic Design

- Posters, Banners
- Billboards, Flyers
- Billboards, Brochers

App Design

- User interface design
- Mobile game design
- Consulting


Our team consists of individuals with different backgrounds and expertise. This is vital in the services we provide to our clientele as its within a diverse team where the magic truly happens!


Morné Leander

Product Designer

Morné founded 'DC'. He studied Graphic Design and is an expert in user-orientated design. He was involved in the South African Parliamentary emblem design.


Mthokozisi Malaza

iOS Developer

MJ keeps up to date with the latest tech, but rarely updates his phone's OS when an update is available. He's sceptical about a home button-less iPhone.


Jason Joseph

Copy Writer

Jason's quill was forged in Makhanda's crucible Rhodes University. On some stages and theatres Jason can be seen in fetes of physical theatre.


Contact Us

079 503 8836

Johannesburg, South Africa